Japanese Name サソリ
Rōmaji Name Sasori
Code Name Scorpion
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Chestnut
Height 164cm
Weight 46kg
Occupation Nurse
Affiliation The Organization
Manga Debut Chapter 7
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Sasori is an assassin working at the school Fuji Alice attends by filling in the position of a part-time nurse. She works under the codename 'Scorpion' and uses syringes filled with various poisons: Scorpion Neurotoxin, Fatal Scorpion Toxin, and others.


Sasori is a young woman with short wavy blond hair and chestnut coloured eyes. She has a large bust line, a thin, short figure and lightly tanned skin. She wears a white lab-coat over a red vest and a short black skirt. She also wears a thin leather necklace around her neck. She carries around multiple syringes filled with various poisons which she uses as her weapons.


Since childhood, Sasori has enjoyed killing, especially killing the things that she loved, her first victim was her pet kitten, and then her parents.

She enjoys breaking down her intended victims and seeing them helpless before her, and torturing them at her leisure.

The fact she killed her cat and parents without remorse and clearly with a twisted pleasure, Sasori appears to be a psychopath, incapable of empathy or regret of her actions no matter how depraved or bloody.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Sasori carries syringes whose contents can paralyze, put to sleep or outright kill people in instants. After paralyzing someone she reveals a number of knifes and tools for torture and dissection. She has the scorpion-themed ability to perceive sounds and vibrations on a three meter radius around herself, so she's always aware of any threats around her.

It is hinted that there is something even more dangerous about her. This turns out to be a mechanical scorpion tail that was implanted on her spine by Jigabachi. The tail reacts to attacks with enough precision and speed to hit even a concentrated Dinoponera or Alice from blind spots and its sting is equipped with her three poisons.




Major FightsEdit


  • Sasori's personality seems based on that of Blood Witch Domino from Jackals, who even happens to be introduced killing a Scorpion-themed assassin.