Oki Megumi
Oki Megumi
Japanese Name
Rōmaji Name
Code Name Gokiburi
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Yellow
Height 150cm
Weight 40kg
Occupation Student
Affiliation The Organization
Manga Debut Chapter 8
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Oki Megumi is a student from Alice's class who worked for The Organization as the assassin codenamed 'Gokiburi'. When Hibiki sent her to kill Fuji Alice, Oki wanted to make a slave out of her instead. In the end, Alice captured and befriended her.


Oki is a blonde girl with yellow eyes who wears her hair in twin ponytails and has two antenna to fit her cockroach theme. She wears a blue blazer school uniform in Arachnid and a black bunny suit in Caterpillar.


Oki was thought of as a plain and quiet person, only to turn out a cocky sadomasochistic lesbian girl who is at first very aggressive about humiliating Alice. Once she is defeated and taken to Yoriko's home, though, Oki is happy to be a devoted slave to Alice.

Although Oki's still a pervert, she's very caring and tries not to act too forceful and disconforting around her new friend. Really, Oki's intentions seem almost tame in comparison to the other people poor Alice comes across through the story... until it turns out she hasn't changed much after all and still plans to take Alice's virginity through some very questionable methods.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Oki has good fighting abilities, being able to knock out people with lariats and dropkicks. She's also very confident and boastful about her agility, even though speed seems to be a common trait of Organization members and Alice and Geji are able to outrun her.

Thanks to cockroach-like powers she developed as a baby, Oki is sensible to changes in air direction and pressure. She can use this to detect nearby threats and to dodge attacks. Oki can also secrete large amounts of oil from her skin, which she has used to cancel the vibration detection of Alice's Kumoito and to leave trails for Kabutomushi to follow.

As one of Kabutomushi's students, she learned to move and attack randomly in her usual high speeds even when she's unconscious.

In the prequel, she makes use of a pair of "Goki Blades", which are coated with poison that makes people instantly fall from sickness and eventually die.


Past Edit

Oki was abandoned by her parents at a very early age and left to die, but she was rescued and sent to an orphanage. She developed strange cockroach-like powers which eventually caught the attention of the Organization. At some point she became one of Kabutomushi's students.


Kabutomushi tasks Gokiburi with killing Imomushi, but Oki does badly enough that Kabutomushi takes over the fight. She spends most of the story simply tagging along and being scared of the people Kabutomushi is fighting against, but also greatly helps her teacher by bringing the Heracles Horn to her. They both escape the Ageha cruise ship alongside Imomushi and the other surviving assassins she gathered.


Hibiki sends Oki to kill Alice as revenge for Kumo's death, but Oki becomes enamored with her and tries to force Alice into becoming her love slave while pretending to have Yoriko as a hostage. Alice manages to overpower Oki but spares her, knowing she can be an useful ally. A very glad Oki moves with her to Yoriko's apartment and declares herself a slave to Alice's every whim, much to her annoyance.

Oki promises Alice she would convince Hibiki to cancel the hit on Alice, but he somehow instantly incapacitates her while she has him on gunpoint. Hibiki orders his henchmen to perform a so called "purification cerimony" on her, which forces a nearby Alice to take action. In return, once the battle is over and Sasori comes in to try to kill Alice, Oki stands between them to protect her.

Oki takes a badly injured Alice home and they spend the next few days peacefully, though also concerned about Sasori's warning that the Organization would start something inside the school a week later. When the day comes, Alice is soon separated from Oki and Yoriko when she has to take swimming lessons from a teacher who unbeknownst to them all was yet another assassin.

Oki and Yoriko begin wandering around the school, making small talk about their relationship with Alice until Oki's former master, Kabutomushi, appears and suspiciously asks about Alice. Fearing Kabutomushi wants to kill Alice, Oki quickly runs away with Yoriko but is ambushed by a boy named Anabachi. He captures Oki and sets a device on her spine that makes her think he's Alice and turns her obedient towards him.

Anabachi and Jigabachi attempt to use the brainwashed and now inexplicably leather-clad dominatrix Oki to torture Yoriko, but Kabutomushi finds them thanks to a trail of oil drops that Oki had been unconsciously sweating. Kabutomushi knocks Oki out with her hidden Kabuto Horn and smashes the wasps soon after. After Oki wakes up, Kabutomushi reveals she's been hired by Kumo to protect Alice. Kabutomushi then uses the school's intercom to call out Alice, even though it will attract unwanted attention.

While Kabutomushi is busy fighting Abu, Oki gets stalked by an assassin named Geji who can surpass her in speed. Although Oki nearly gets killed, her ability to keep fighting even when unconscious allows Oki to beat her up and win. Oki decides to claim Geji's clothes for herself to get out of the getup Anabachi put her in, only for Alice to find her and suddenly get mad about how Oki is cheating on her.

The next assassin to warp next to them is a violinist named Kirigirisu. He wants Alice to end the Arachnid Hunt as soon as possible by simply leaving the school, but Alice feels she would be betraying Yoriko if she did that without reuniting with her first. Kirigirisu tries to force the two and Kuramoto to leave, but Alice gets him wrapped in string while Oki was acting as bait. He decides to leave them be, and reveals Alice's supposedly deceased father is the one who hired him for this. They don't believe him when he reveals who the father is.

When Alice, Oki and Kuramoto get to where Yoriko is, they're greeted by Dinoponera, a major threat who almost killed Kabutomushi. Oki is furious at how flirty Dinoponera is being towards Alice, but is told to get Yoriko far away from the fight. She finds a closed-off room to hide Yoriko in and comes back to find Alice cornered by Sara's army ant forces. After kicking the nearby Hibiki into a hole, Oki takes Alice back to Yoriko and becomes allied with Geji. Alice tells them to secure a espace route while she recovers from her wounds.

Oki and Geji fight through the hordes of zombie students but they turn out to be much more skillful and resistent than their brainless condition shows and the two girls are beaten down and captured. Sara holds the two as hostages for Alice to get brainwashed into her ranks, but Alice manages to kill the queen and breaks the spell for at least a moment.

After a while, Oki and Kabutomushi show up on the nick of time to prevent the Boss of the Organization from throwing a immobile Alice off the rooftop of the school. While Kabutomushi blows both of them away, Oki wraps herself on fire hose and catches Alice.

After the Arachnid Hunt, the army ant zombies turn back active and succeed in ruining Japan with a country-wide orgy of rape. Oki and Alice manage to hide from this inside her underground bunker, and Oki is very excited to finally have Alice for herself. Sadly for her, Alice leaves before Oki can try anything because she fears she's gone unhinged and would unintentionally react very violently to Oki's advances. Oki is last seen wandering the ruined wastelands with Kabutomushi, hoping to find Alice and repeatedly violate her.

Major FightsEdit


  • Oki Megumi vs Imomushi (No Result, interrupted by Kabutomushi)