Japanese Name 裕基
Rōmaji Name Kuramoto
Code Name
Age 15
Gender Female
Hair Color
Eye Color
Height 160cm
Weight 48kg
Status Deceased
Occupation Student
Affiliation Student Council
Manga Debut Chapter 17
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Kuramoto (裕基 Kuramoto) is a executive member from the Regulation of Public Morals Program of the Student Council.


Kuramoto has a ponytail hair, brown-green colored. Her eyes are brown. She wears a round glasses. She has an extremely big breasts and its one of her most noticeable trait.

Personality Edit

At first, Kuramoto is portrayed as innocent and shy, a victim of bullying who was always being raped and humiliated as a result of the Student Council President, Kurokawa Sara, using her (and her voluptuous body) to keep order in the school. However, it is revealed that most of the sexual acts that occurred were of her own accord, to pass a pheromone known as the “Queen's Rule" to those who sexually assaulted her.

Upon the revealing herself as the true Queen of the Army Ants, a flashback reveals that Kuramoto's original personality was twisted after enduring an incestuous sexual assault by her father. Afterwards, Kuramoto began to hate and distrust the world around her, and saw lust as not only a means to an end, but as veritable punishment. Coupled with a self-victimizing attitude, she is especially vindictive and vicious towards those who have endured similar hardship, but have managed to move past it and attained happiness (like Fujii Alice).

Additionally, Kuramoto developed a cool, but sadistic dominatrix-personality, who enjoys when her victims show her emotional and physical pain. She also lords her power over slaves to show-off in front of the other Organization members. And when it comes to her subjects questioning her, or acting out-of-line, her mood and demeanor sharply turn and give off a sinister edge.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Dubbed as "Queen's Rule", Kuramoto's pheromones enslave anyone who becomes involved with her sexually. Those who did so became her "army ants", akin to zombies, and had the power to pass that pheromone to other normally people through the act of rape or other sexual acts. Additionally, whatever Kuramoto demands, her "army ants" will do, even if it means killing themselves (such as her own father).

Despite not explicitly saying so, the manga implies that Kuramoto can control the amount to which her pheromones can affect a person. The most common case is the zombie-like state that most of her army ants possess - numb, brainless, and possibly sexually ravenous. Higher up on Kuramoto's "army ant society", Kurokawa is a little more different - retaining her sense of self and intelligence, although her devotion to Kuramoto is still just as powerful as a regular army ant. Then, there is something Kuramoto calls a "jariya", which is a concept taken from samurai ants who pillage other species' pupae or larvae and turn them into slaves. Similarly, a "jariya" is Kuramoto's version of a slave - or a "sex slave" to be exact, sentenced to live painfully without teeth or fingernails, but with her sense of self still intact.

It is unknown if Kuramoto has similar strength to an army ant, but she may not have needed to develop it since she can easily control her victims with her "Queen's Rule" pheromone. It is also unknown if her body developed the way it did to purposefully lure in others, although it seems rather likely - which would imply that she may not have super strength and was never meant to have it in the first place.




SPOILERS ALERT: In chapter 54, it it later revealed that Kuramoto is the real Army Ant.

  • In Chapter 59, "I Finally Get It! ~<3", we learn that Kuramoto's full name is Kuramoto Ai.