Japanese Name アラクニド
Rōmaji Name Arakunido
Code Name Arachnid
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color
Family Fuji Alice (Adoptive Daughter)
Occupation Assassin
Affiliation The Organization (Formerly)
Manga Debut Chapter 1
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Kumo is an organization member who trained Hibiki and Alice. Upon realizing Alice suffered from Congenital Excessive Concentration as he did, he kidnapped her and gave strict training for Alice to control her ability and become an assassin. Although he says he's done this for his own purposes, he does wish for her to be happy and even considers Alice his own daughter.



Outside, Kumo looks calm and uncaring. His killing method is clean and fast. He can be totally sadist in teaching his students but he's actually a kind man who wants the best for them.

Abilities and PowersEdit

He suffers from a disorder named "Congenital Excessive Concentration" that causes people to become greatly focused at something while being oblivious to everything else. However, it can be trained and controlled as a tool for hyper awareness of one's surroundings.

He is the original user of "Kumoito" ("Spider's Thread"), which is a pistol that fires a blade hooked to a large amount of very resistant spider silk. Thanks to his concentration ability, Kumo can control the blade with great precision and create traps around him. His preferred technique seems to be quickly hanging people to death. Kumoito's only weakness seems to be a command that is able to disable its threads. Suzume Bachi and Imomushi have been shown to know about this.



Kumo implies that he's been an outcast for most of his life and was a homeless man before the Organization hired him.



Kumo has a fated encounter with a schoolgirl named Alice who has the same disorder as him. Having killed her uncle, he kidnaps and takes her in as a pupil and adopted daughter. Kumo manages to train her in under a month to become the ultimate spider assassin even against the Boss' wishes, but forces her into a fight to the death as a graduation test. Alice is able to lethally injure Kumo, and he dies telling her to stay free from the Organization's control. It is later revealed that he had paid Kabutomushi to take care of Alice after his death.

Major FightsEdit


  • Kumo vs Imomushi (No Result)
  • Kumo vs Paraponera (Loss, but Imomushi saves him)


  • Kumo vs Fujii Alice (Loss)