Japanese Name カブトムシ
Rōmaji Name Kabutomushi
Code Name
Age Young Adult (Presumed)
Gender Female
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Dark Violet
Height 165cm
Occupation Assassin
Affiliation The Organization
Manga Debut Chapter 22
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Kabutomushi is one of the most dangerous insects and plays a major role in Arachnid Hunt. Her goal, as requested by Kumo, is to find and protect Fuji Alice.


She is a kind of short girl whose hair is short, wavy and light brown-colored. Her eyes are dark violet-colored. She wears two light pink ribbons on her hair's sides. To inconspicuously enter Alice's school, she wears a blue uniform like the one worn by Alice and Oki.

In the prequel, she wears a red bunny girl suit. She has a cosplay hobby and it is shown that outside of the events of either story she prefers wearing goth-loli dresses.


Kabutomushi is a serious and well-mannered girl who thinks of herself as the strongest Organization member. Besides having immense strength, she also does research on her targets to exploit any weakness they may have and doesn't waste chances to throw surprise attacks. 

Abilities and PowersEdit

Kabutomushi has enormous physical strength far surpassing someone of her small stature. She is so strong that she can smash through walls and floors with ease. To add to her Kabuto Beetle theme she has armored organs ("Kabuto Mail") and steel spikes ("Kabuto Spikes") implanted into her arms.

Her body can resist neurotoxins, but not to the level Imomushi can. Dinoponera's venom is able to incapacitate Kabuto for a while.

Her weapon of choice is a Kabuto Horn spear that features a double bladed end that is shaped similar to the horns of a male Kabuto beetle. It is designed for area-of-effect attacks that can take down large groups of enemies — and she's got a taste for blowing people off buildings.

Her "Kabuto Slide" attack has her swinging the Kabuto Horn at incredible speeds to shove and crush her opponents. It is practically unavoidable... so you just know more than one character manages to dash past or block it to show off.

Kabutomushi also owns a "Heracles Horn" weapon designed for one-on-one battles. It is a giant double ended sword that she earned as a graduation gift from the previous Kabutomushi. It is similar to the Alligator blade an infamous assassin and her son wielded a century before, but it can be folded for surprise attacks. Kabuto even knows how to perform the "Killing Bite" counter attack, which goes unnamed when she uses it against Hiratakuwagata.

When one of the Media Army ants grabs the Kabuto Horn and gets stuck to it, she jokingly calls this new weapon a "Kabuto Hammer" and continues to whack people with it.



Kabutomushi was already awfully strong as a child, to the point her parents couldn't handle her and left her at an orphanage which happened to be run by the man who held the Kabutomushi codename. The young beetle girl greatly respected him as a father figure, only to find he gruesomely killed her best friend out of his murderous urges. She kept training under him until graduating and taking over the mantle, but resolved to refrain from killing as much as possible. As such, Kabuto is unranked amongst the Organization assassins despite her claims of being the strongest. Despite this, it is mentioned most of her students still die for some reason on another under her care and that she does feel terrible over it.

During the Death Caterpillar game, Kabuto has her pupil Gokiburi make an assassination attempt on Imomushi as a gradutation task. Gokiburi fails and Kabutomushi ends up taking over out of annoyance at Imomushi calling herself the strongest bug, but the fight ends in a draw because they're forced to flee when Kabutomushi accidentally completely floods the corridor. Afterwards, Kabutomushi is challenged by her former stag beetle students who resent her for letting most of her students die during training. She defeats them and takes them out of the cruise ship together with Imomushi's group before the whole place blows up.


Prior to the Arachnid Hunt, Kumo hires Kabutomushi to protect Alice from the Organization's assassins after his death. Kabutomushi appears thankful about Kumo holding her in high regard, but for unexplained reasons she only comes to meet Alice several weeks later when everyone else is out for her head at the Arachnid Hunt.

Kabutomushi comes across her former student Oki in the school and tries to get her to talk about Alice's whereabouts, but Oki becomes suspicious and immediately avoids her. When Oki gets captured and brainwashed by Jigabachi and Anabachi, Kabutomushi kills them and tells her and Yoriko she means no harm to Alice. She then tells Alice over the school's intercom where to look for them, thinking the other assassins wouldn't dare to face her head-on. Naturally, a man named Abu then appears from out of nowhere inside the room. Kabutomushi tells Oki to meet up with Alice and begins to fight him.

Despite taking some nasty slashes that only didn't kill her because of her implanted armor, Kabutomushi soon swats Abu out of the building and prepares to take Yoriko to Alice but then encounters Dinoponera. Presuming Dinoponera wants to kill Alice, Kabutomushi tries to get rid of her quick, but is completely unable to hit her even once. When all hope looks lost, Hibiki unexpectedly saves Kabutomushi but also fails miserably against the sailor ant girl. Alice eventually comes across the confusion and beats Dinoponera after a difficult fight that leaves her exhausted.

Carrying Alice over her shoulder, Kabutomushi begins fighting off the brainwashed students who are out to rape everyone. It seems all too easy for her, so Sara comes out with a couple of hulking Media soldiers to kill Kabutomushi and capture Alice. They're instantly bashed out of sight, so then Sara has her other minions blow up a hole under Kabutomushi instead. She falls all the way to the basement and is surrounded by dozens of zombified ant students, but promises to come back to Alice later and urges her to survive.

After a while, Kabutomushi comes back at just the right moment to prevent a completely helpless Alice from being thrown off the school's rooftop by the Boss of the Organization. She blows them both off with a Kabuto Slide, but Oki comes along and catches Alice.

In the epilogue, Kabutomushi is seen helping Oki look for Alice, who left their bunker to resume her fight against the Organization's remnants.

Major FightsEdit


  • Kabutomushi vs Imomushi (No result)
  • Kabutomushi vs Stag Beetle Quartet (Win)


  • Kabutomushi vs Anabachi & Jigabachi (Win Win)
  • Kabutomushi vs Abu (Win)
  • Kabutomushi vs Dinoponera (Loss)
  • Kabutomushi vs Media (Wins, but falls for a trap and gets separated from Alice)
  • Kabutomushi vs Nejirebane (Flawless Victory)


  • Her age is unknown, but considering how people react to her cutesy mannerisms, her aloof behaviour towards young people, how she's called "auntie" as an insult, and that Gokiburi is one of her students, it can be said that she is an adult in a teen body.
  • Her Heracles Horn is based on the Alligator blade wielded by Nichol, the protagonist of Jackals, and his mother Roxy. The continuity between the two series is made explicit with this point plot.