Japanese Name ゲジ
Rōmaji Name
Code Name
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Height 149cm
Weight 39kg
Occupation Student
Affiliation The Organization
Manga Debut Chapter 33
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Geji is a young house centipede-themed assassin who infiltrated Alice's school to kill her during the Arachnid Hunt.


Geji is a girl with long and wavy black hair that covers her left eye. She wears a school uniform and striped knee highs that she can take out and use as weapons.


Much like the other Organization people, Geji is a little too smug and full of herself. She doesn't seem to believe in friendship and is prone to blaming others for her own mistakes.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Geji is able to move at speeds faster than even Oki's, which she makes use of in even more unlikely stealth tricks. She seems lacking in endurance, however, and can't keep running too well after taking some damage.

Her "Geji Sap" knee highs are resistent and stretchable enough to be filled with anything she can find and be used as heavy and powerful bludgeon weapons.

As a reference to how house centipedes can survive loss of limbs without detriment to their speed, Geji can freely dislocate her limbs to escape from being tied or held.



Geji follows Oki through the school corridors, until Oki leads her to the conference room and gets Geji to reveal herself. They begin fighting and Geji completely outclasses Oki while taunting her about betraying the Organization for the sake of friendship. Once she's about to kill Oki, however, Oki suddenly begins tackling Geji while unconscious, hurting Geji enough to slow her down and finish her with a lariat. Oki takes Geji's clothes for herself to get out of the bondage getup she was forced into and Alice leaves Geji tied up in a corner of the classroom.

Geji soon wakes up, but pretends to be asleep and overhears Kirigirisu revealing the identity of Alice's father. After Alice and Oki leave, Kirigirisu tells Geji to go away from the school. At this time, Sara has already set up her servants to have orgies around the school and rape people to further spread her mind control. Finding that the student mob doesn't react to having their arms broken, Geji almost gets gang raped but is saved by a passing Oki.

She proposes that they work together to escape from the school, but Alice is worried about Kuramoto and asks Oki and Geji to look for her. After leaving Alice with to rest with Yoriko, Oki and Geji begin their search but are eventually beaten up and captured when the student mob starts performing strange ant-based techniques. Geji is never seen after this, and Oki presumes she's been zombified.

Major FightsEdit

  • Geji vs Oki Megumi (Loss)
  • Gei & Oki Megumi vs Army Ant Soldiers (Loss)


  • To a certain point, both her appearance and personality are based on Tomoko Kuroki from the No Matter How I Look At It It's You Guys Fault I'm Not Popular (a.k.a. Watamote) manga.
  • Her birthdate is September 22. This is a nod to mangaka Sato, who drew the Watamote parody featuring Geji on Volume 8.