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"In order to survive, I have no choice but to kill!"

— Alice's Catchphrase

Fuji Alice
Fuji Alice.png
Japanese Name 藤井有栖
Rōmaji Name Alice Fuji
Code Name Kumo/Spider
Age 15
Gender Female
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Grey
Height 154cm
Weight 45kg
Status Alive
Family Fuji Yoshio (Uncle)

Kumo (Adoptive Father)
Suzume Bachi (Father)

Occupation Student
Manga Debut Chapter 1
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Fuji Alice is the main heroine of Arachnid. She has a disorder called Congenital Excessive Concentration, which means once she focuses on one thing she is unable to focus on anything else especially what happens around her. Because of this, Alice had been the subject of severe abuse from classmates and her uncle. Alice had been living with her abusive Uncle after her mother commited suicide. On the day that her uncle was killed, the assassin Kumo took her in and trained her to kill.

When Alice is faced with life-threatening situations, her reflexes and judgments are improved. Alice is normally kind, however, when in this mode, she becomes violent and believes that "before they kill her, she has to kill them". After killing Kumo, she was chased out of the apartment which belonged to The Organization and is now living in Yoriko's house. Unbeknownst to Alice, she is a core part of the Organization's Boss' recent plans and due to this she is constantly targetted by bug assassins.


She's a girl with short dark pink hair and grey eyes which light up and get a ripple effect when she's concentrated or angry. For most of the story she wears a blue school uniform and black pantyhose.


Alice is usually a kind, polite and apologetic girl who is always worried about her few friends and blames herself for them being involved when she's targetted by assassins.

However, when Alice's life is threatened her killing instincts take over and she becomes willing to murder anyone in her way in order to survive. Furthermore, all the misfortunes and deadly situations she goes through start getting to her, making the spider girl a tad more unhinged. She's often making plans to kill people on the back of her head.

Even so, unlike most of the cast Alice isn't beyond reasoning and may still try to resolve fights peacefully, since although she accepts she's a murderer she doesn't enjoy it much either.

Abilities and Powers[]

Her main ability is her "Congenital Excessive Concentration" mental disorder. Normally it causes her to focus on a single thing to the point she becomes absentminded to everything else for a long time, but Kumo teaches her to control it at will as a superpower to be aware of every detail and threat around her. From her perspective, it's like time slows to a crawl.

This also enhances her learning skills, which allowed her to become an incredibly danguerous assassin on Kumo's level after only two weeks of training under him and quickly pick up and copy the skills of various opponents, such as Dinoponera's Concentration Driving Force.

She wields the "Kumoito" (Spider's Thread). Formely owned by Kumo, it is a living pistol that fires a blade hooked to a length of resistant spider-silk. Once it is fired, she can use her concentration ability to control the blade and make it fly and bounce around to spread countless traps in what seems like instants without anyone noticing.

By creatively using her seemingly endless strings she can control an enemy's movements, make shields and barriers and even collect air bubbles to breath underwater. The blade grows sharper as Alice becomes more profecient with it and eventually enables her to feel all five senses through it. For instance, it acts as a sensor by detecting sound vibrations from far away for Alice to hear through the threads. With this Alice is able to save Gokiburi from Kamadouma and is able to discover and foil the Army Ant Queen's plan to enslave her with little trouble.

The Kumoito is set up to wrap and kill its wielder if not handled in a certain way that only a person affected by C.E.C. would be able to. Being unable to retract it back to the pistol is a concern at long ranges, because it becomes harder to control the farther it is. Alice ultimately loses the Kumoito's fang this way when she kills Ginyanma.

Alice's rather physically fit as well thanks to the hand to hand combat and gunplay training she got from Kumo. She's quick enough to catch up with Oki, and while she doesn't display absurd feats of strength like her, Kabutomushi and Dinoponera, Alice couldn't have survived what she went through the Arachnid Hunt without a massive amount of endurance. Even after losing the Kumoito, she's confident enough to take on crowds of enemies with her bare hands and any weapons she can find.



Used to live with her single mother until her death, then got taken by her uncle.


Dreading to go to school due to suffering from bullies, Alice sits in her room wondering what good a dictionary is. After her uncle enters her room he orders her to go to school, until he attempts to rape her. Saved by knocks on the front door, Alice realises she needs to escape and heads towards the front door, but is confronted by by a mysterious assassin who had strung up her uncle his neck. He then tries to kill Alice to leave no witnesses, but Alice dodges a fatal blow and responds by biting him before falling unconscious.

She later woke up in the man's care. Where he introduced himself by his codename "Arachnid", and told her he works for The Organization that her uncle owed money to. When he couldn't pay, he was order to took there lives. Alice told him she wants to go back to what little she had left, but Kumo stopped her, saying she has a similar condition to him called "Congenital Excessive Concentration," the ability to sense everything around him at the expense of immediate, short-term thinking. Arachnid wishes to use her, so he brings her to his contact within The Organization, Suzume Bachi. But Bachi ordered him to kill her.

Refusing to kill her, Kumo takes Alice to his home, and after giving her some food, begins to teach her the ways of a spider-like assassin. Alice started to despair when she gets beaten in her first lesson, but does not have anywhere else to go.

When she began to train with Kumo's custom weapon "Kumoito". She used it to sense the world outside the room. But the whip nearly killed her when she loses concentration. After training with it for a few hours, she managed to wield it without endangering herself, and then promises to help Kumo kill Bachi.

The next day at school, Alice decided to fight back against Yoriko and the other bullies who were dunking her head in the toilet. Pointing a Derringer at the head bully, she planned to kill her for a "rehersal" but couldn't bring herself to do it. She later meets with Kumo on a rooftop to begin the plan to kill Bachi. However, Kumo fired a gun at her, saying she had become too strong to live.

Alice fights Kumo in a duel to the death on the rooftop, using the techniques she had learned to sense his location. Within a split second, she managed to hit Kumo in the chest. With his last words, he tells her: he wanted to see if Alice would be strong enough to kill him, since he had no use for this world. Alice finally mustered up the courage and finished him off with a bullet through the head before crying out in pain.

Afterwards, Alice is left alone with no resources. She tries to go hunting for jobs but isn't successful since she's underage and has no family or connections. Down in the dumps and nearly considering prostitution to make ends meet instead of using her deadly skills to gain dirty money, Alice is surprised by an assassin of the Organization named Kamakiri knocking on her door. He invites her to join the Organization, but Alice politely refuses, as she promised Kumo she wouldn't become their pawn.

Kamakiri attacks Alice, but walking straight into her webs wasn't exactly a wise action and she's able to capture him. Alice tries to show mercy to Kamakiri, but he swings his scythe at her anyway and it is deflected into his chest. Kamakiri declares Alice has doomed herself into being hunted by the Organization and dies laughing. Shidemushi then enters the house to carry his corpse out. He warns Alice that Kumo's house is a property of the Organization and that she must leave as soon as possible.

At school, but with little idea of what to do next, Alice gets injured during a game of basketball and finds Yoriko taking an interest in her. She says she tried to report Alice to the police for trying to shoot her, but all evidences of the murder attempt were gone. Alice tells her to not get involved any further and goes to the infirmary, where a part time nurse shows concern about her suffering from malnutrition and lack of sleep and asks her if she's having any trouble with her grades, boys or, you know, the Organization.

Pale from shock, Alice quickly decides to kill the nurse and flips a table on her, but before she knows it she's already been paralysed by her venom. The scorpion nurse, Sasori, introduces herself to Alice and prepares to torture her to death. Just then, Yoriko knocks on the door to talk with Alice and is suspicious of the unknown nurse. She walks in and Sasori locks the door, aiming a syringe straight towards Yoriko's forehead. Sasori is then stabbed in the arm by the Kumoito. With what little control she had of her fingers, Alice managed to envelop herself in strings to move the rest of her body.

Knowing the poison's effect would soon fade, Sasori refrains from facing Alice head on and takes her leave. Alice then collapses from hunger, so Yoriko gives her something to eat. Scared about Sasori, she also tells the homeless Alice to live with her and be her bodyguard. Alice goes to Yoriko's apartment and settles on one of the empty rooms there, now in a better mood since she's got someone to protect.

The next day, Alice's entire class is weirded out at her and Yoriko suddenly becoming friends and eating bento together. Yoriko's two friends Kawanishi and Muraoka are baffled and cut ties with her. Yoriko goes after them but doesn't return even after the other two do. Alice turns towards her desk and finds a message stating Yoriko has been captured.

Alice runs off shocked that there are assassins among even the students of her class. She uses the Kumoito to check out the room where her enemy is supposed to be but doesn't detect anyone inside. As soon as she enters, a blonde girl with antennae suddenly flips her skirt and dodges Alice's flying knife. Megumi Oki -- or rather, Gokiburi, was apparently an unremarkable quiet person Alice didn't think much of, but is really an assassin with cockroach superpowers who wants to dominate those who dislike her. Sexually, if possible.

Alice tries stabbing her from all directions but Oki dodges all of it by perceiving the air flow. Alice then demands her to keep Yoriko out of this. Oki says she'll release Yoriko and even get her superiors to call off the hit on Alice, on the condition she becomes her slave and does whatever she says. Having no choice but to play along, Alice drops her weapon and hears of how she now has to wear a dog collar and crawl naked around the school.

Oki gets angry at how unworried and defiant Alice is and tells her to strip down already. Alice undresses to her underwear and waits for Oki to come close and take off the rest, but Oki realizes what she really is up to. She forces Alice to disable her threads and hand over her weapon, kicks her and pulls out a gun. Still not afraid of Oki, Alice then gets a call from Yoriko, who hadn't been kidnapped at all. Realizing the entire thing was a prank, Alice stops holding back and pounces at Oki faster than she can see, knocking her down and firing Oki's own gun just inches away from her face to scare and incapacitate her.

Alice takes Oki home to interrogate her and see if she can have the Organization let her and Yoriko off the hook from being hunted. Oki is happy to be able to help them and seems fairly trustworthy, as she has no ulterior motives other than becoming Alice's lover. She knows another person in the school who's an assassin close to Suzumebachi and hopes to negotiate with him. However, Alice knows that dealing with the Organization won't be as easy as Oki believes and that she'll have to kill Suzumebachi someday.

Gokiburi attempts to talk things over with Kamadouma, the man who told her to kill Alice in revenge for Kumo's death, but things don't work out and Alice enters his room to bail Oki out. Alice is beaten black, blue and counterclockwise but is able to fight back and bounce Kamadouma into a wall, humiliating him enough to throw the fight and let Alice kill him. Alice decides to spare Kamadouma and stresses that Kumo himself forced her to kill him. Sasori interrupts their talk intending to kill Alice, but Suzumebachi calls the nurse over the phone and gives the news of the coming Arachnid Hunt. She leaves the scene ominously warning Alice that something bad is going to happen her and her friends in a week.

After recovering from her injuries, Alice enjoys some peaceful days with Oki and Yoriko, but fears that a person like her can't establish close relationships with anyone and even lies about never having killed anyone when asked by Yoriko.

When Alice next comes to school, her physical education teacher attempts to drown her. Several Bugs from the Organization have converged in the jar that's Ouran High and are out not only for Alice's blood, but for also killing each other to increase the reward on Alice's head. The spider girl sets out to get back to Oki and Yoriko and escape from the school, but all kinds of trouble come to Alice as she claws her way through.

Imomushi takes her chances at killing Alice, Dinoponera hassles Alice for quite a while, Sasori seemingly kills Yoriko and Kuramoto betrays Alice. The whole student body turns into an orgy of zombies. Suzumebachi is actually her missing father and the murderer of her mother, but he only did it because he's mentally bound by the Boss' will. Then he gets shot to death as Yoriko comes back alive but is the real Boss and shamelessly admits being responsible for all the horrible things that ever happened to Alice. Yoriko dies by Kabutomushi's hand but not before bidding farewell to make Alice feel miserable one last time.

28 days later, Japan is in a state of anarchy with all the sex zombies roaming around and Alice is sheltered in Oki's underground hideout. Right before her good friend roach attempts to rape her, Alice decides to embrace violence and sets out on her own to beat zombies left and right and look for some kind of solution to all this madness. The ending of Caterpillar shows Imomushi later meets Alice at some point, encouraging her to keep working on her own.

Major Fights[]


  • Alice is designed after Turis "Spider" Flag from Jackals, a previous story from Shinya Murata. In an early pilot for Arachnid, the heroine was indeed just named Turis. Killing Bites and Himenospia continue the pattern with major female protagonists who are meant to resemble and act like Alice instead.
  • Since Arachnid and Jackals do share a setting, Alice's Kumoito might be related to the one Turis owned just like Kabutomushi's Heracles Horn is related to Nichol's Alligator blade.
  • Enjoys eating pudding "more than the three meals", according to Oki.
  • Her birthday is December 12th.