"Someone who's as strong as me. Someone I can share my worries, my happiness, and this world with... I'm searching for a friend like that."
— Dinoponera, Chapter 36

Japanese Name 「巨針蟻」ディノポネラ
Rōmaji Name
Code Name
Age 15
Gender Female
Hair Color White
Eye Color Green
Height 154cm
Weight 45kg
Status Unknown
Family Paraponera (Adoptive Father)
Occupation Assassin
Affiliation The Organization
Manga Debut Chapter 32
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Dinoponera is a girl who was raised by the mercenary Paraponera in Thailand and trained in many conflicts that took place there. She unexpectedly came to the Arachnid Hunt in order to meet Fuji Alice and become friends with her... if Alice fits her view of a desirable friend, that is.


Dinoponera is a 15 years-old girl with short white hair in a uneven bob cut style and green eyes that ripple when she's concentrated, much like Alice's. She wears a green sailor school uniform over a long-sleeved black shirt and is armed with gauntlets that clash with her otherwise harmlessly cute looks. They come with hidden poisoned needles that can cause immense, long-lasting pain on people.


Dinoponera behaves politely and sweetly while talking to people, but can be even more violent and arrogant than most of the other Organization members. She thinks little of common people, often toys with her enemies and sometimes prefers to just silently smirk at their confusion instead of trash-talk them.

She wants to have friends, but due to her feelings over having survived a difficult childhood as a mercenary, Dinoponera gets into fights to determine the strength and character of her opponents and will kill them if they're too weak or if she can't sympathize with them. Dinoponera believes Alice could be the kindred spirit she is looking for, but comes to hate her for how Alice became so powerful in so little time despite having had an apparently normal life in a peaceful country.

She likes magical girl animes such as "Sailor-Force" and used to think Japan was a country full of strong frilly girls, which explains her choice of school uniform during the events of the story.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Dinoponera grew very strong and agile from her time in wars, to the point that she can fight even Kabutomushi with ease. One could say she actually has the proportional strength of ants, as she is able to defend against heavy blows and defeat men much more built than her such as Riock in a single hit.

Her "Dino Spine" elbow needles have poison from the south american dinoponera ants, which is known to cause incredible pain in people for several hours, not unlike the infamous stings of Bullet Ants. Once she knocks people down, she jumps on them and begins pummeling their faces while laughing maniacally. She can also stun people when she screams really loudly.

The reason for why she seems to react precisely against everything is an ability she calls C.D.F. (Concentration Driving Free/Force), which makes her able to control her heart rate and greatly improve her focus and senses much like Alice does with her C.E.C.. When she realized this power at 9 years-old to avoid being raped and killed by bandits, she thought of it as a divine gift for her determination. Ironically, her major weakness turns out to be an over reliance on this ability, since she's not at all prepared to counter those who can overcome it.



Dinoponera was born in Burma, a country to the northwest of Thailand. The sole survivor of a village destroyed by the Myanmar army, she was found by a mercenary named Paraponera and raised as his daughter and successor. She quickly became a cold-blooded murderer who viewed most people as worthless worms, but also hoped to meet someone whom she could care for.


Dinoponera is introduced wandering around the school corridors. Later on, she suddenly appears behind Imomushi in the student council room, after which Suzume Bachi asks Dinoponera to fight her. Dinoponera reveals she is the adopted daughter of Paraponera, a mercenary who Imomushi fought and killed one year ago. When Imomushi asks if she wants revenge, Dinoponera asks for her friendship instead. Imomushi picks a fight with her, only to be quickly beaten down.

Dinoponera states she can only relate to strong people and tries to kill Imomushi, but gets headbutted off her. Suzume Bachi interrupts the fight and stabs Imomushi from behind, making her fall unconscious. He then tells Dinoponera to go look for Fuji Alice. A while later, Dinoponera comes across Kabutomushi and tries to "befriend" her.

Kabutomushi attempts to kill Dinoponera to keep her from finding Alice, but is soon overwhelmed and is unable to hit her. Dinoponera even manages to dash through Kabutomushi's seemingly unavoidable Kabuto Slide and land a hit that would be lethal if she didn't have an armored heart. However, that armor couldn't protect Kabutomushi from Dinoponera's extremely painful poison and she's left helpless. Luckily for her, Hibiki suddenly arrives with a Rider Kick that sends Dinoponera away.

Hibiki says he didn't come to help, but to defeat her by himself after he takes Dinoponera down. To his confusion, he turns around and sees he saved Kabutomushi instead of Alice. Dinoponera then sheepishly asks if he knows about Alice's whereabouts and he responds that he would only ever tell that if she could defeat him.

After making short work of Hibiki despite his best kick barrages, Dinoponera finally finds Alice. Alice asks Oki to get Yoriko to somewhere safe and takes on Dinoponera alone. Alice can't do well against Dinoponera either, but the ant girl actually tries holding a conversation with her, feeling they have a similar background and could become friends. However, Dinoponera learns Alice is a common girl who gained an absurd amount of skill in just two weeks due to her C.E.C. condition.

Dinoponera has an outburst of rage over how unfair Alice's growth rate is and tries to torture her to death. Alice manages to recover and figures Dinoponera doesn't have that much experience against superpowered people like themselves. She brags about her superior skills to goad Dinoponera into her traps and completely turns the fight around, leaving Dinoponera broken with her leg impaled by her own weapon.

Dinoponera flees from Alice and Kabutomushi, but is cornered by Sasori on a staircase next a group of the brainwashed army ant students. Sasori strikes Dinoponera with her paralysing scorpion tail, but instead of killing her she throws Dinoponera to get raped by the students. After this, she's never seen again.

Major FightsEdit

  • Dinoponera vs Imomushi (No result, interrupted by Suzumebachi)
  • Dinoponera vs Kuroiwa the Physical Education teacher (Win)
  • Dinoponera vs Kabutomushi (Win)
  • Dinoponera vs Hibiki (Win)
  • Dinoponera vs Riokku (Win)
  • Dinoponera vs Fuji Alice (Loss)
  • Dinoponera vs Sasori (Loss)


  • The kanji for her name, 巨針蟻, means Oo-hari-ari (Giant Needle Ant). It refers to an asian species of ant that Dinoponera isn't actually likened to. It is probably intended to be descriptive of her or to fit with "Bullet Ant", the common name for her father's namesake.
  • Dinoponera ants are frequently confused with Paraponera ants. In the story, Dino actually seems to have more traits of the latter than of her namesake.
  • Dinoponera ants have a nasty sting, said to cause unbearable pain that can lasts for several hours even though they're not as potent as stings from Paraponera ants. In-story, Dinoponera's venom doesn't have the same long-term damage even though she states her venom is worth a thousand dinoponera stings.
  • Her birth date is December 13th, so she's a single day younger than her look-a-like Alice.