Chapter 9
Chapter 9
Title I Will Not Allow You to Steal Anything Else
Chapter Information
Cover Fuji Alice
Tajima Yoriko
Volume Number 2
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Alice arrives at Tajima's home for the night, and is surprised to find so spacious a place considering she lives alone. The next day at school, the rest of the class treats them both like outcasts, as they are eating bento with each other, but Alice still wishes to protect her while Tajima decides to stand up for her. Soon after, Tajima wanders off and disappears, as Alice receives a ransom note.

She quickly makes her way to the upper floor and finds out that a quiet classmate of theirs, Oki Mugumi, was another assassin from The Organization. Codenamed "Gokiburi," the "Cockroach," she uses ultra-sensitive feelers within her hair to sense the direction of the air and dodge all of Alice's attacks. Instead of attacking back, she offers to return Tajima and let Alice go back to her normal life if she will become her slave.