Chapter 8
Chapter 8
Title Thank You Very Much
Chapter Information
Cover Kumo
Fuji Alice
Volume Number 2
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Sasori gloats over Alice's paralyzed body, and tells her about her hobby of collecting the screams of her victims just as they are about to die. However, Sasori is interrupted by a knock at the door. Tajima senses something wrong, and Sasori tries to shoo her away, but when she barges in to the nurse's office, Sasori decides to kill both girls instead. However, Alice regains enough control over her spider thread to move her limbs, and Sasori decides to retreat, realizing she can't win in an equal fight.

Tajima thanks Alice for saving her, and offers her food along with room and board at her place in exchange for Alice's protection, because now the assassins will be targeting her as well.