Chapter 7
Chapter 7
Title Please, Don't Get Close To Me
Chapter Information
Cover Shidemushi
Volume Number 2
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A man named "Shidemushi" comes to clean up the corpse from The Organization, and warns Alice that if she doesn't leave the house "they" own, they will legally remove her from it with the police, and she won't be able to prove who really owns it.

The next day at school, the bully from before, Tajima Yori, hits Alice hard during a game of basketball and carries her to the nurse's office. She demands that Alice tell her why she had a gun in the bathroom, but Alice refuses to talk, not wanting her to get involved.

Inside the infirmary, Alice finds that the nurse is different from the usual person, and soon discovers that she is another assassin from The Organization. She immediately tries to fight back, but finds herself paralyzed. The woman's is Sasori, or codenamed "Scorpion," and she plans to kill Alice slowly.