Chapter 6
Chapter 6
Title That is My Method of Survival
Chapter Information
Cover Fuji Alice
Volume Number 2
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Alice lives alone in Kumo's now-vacated house, with nothing but a teddy bear for company. Running low on food, money and other supplies, Alice hits the streets to find a job, but without a parent or a reference, no employer will hire her. After coming home from her job hunt, a man in a suit offers to let her join the Organization if she will give up her name. However, Kumo told her to hang on to her own name with his dying words, so she refuses.

The man responds by attacking her with a praying mantis-style technique and revealing his own codename: Kamakiri. Kamakiri nearly cuts her throat, but Alice uses her spider-like traps to kill the other assassin before he notices it. With his dying breath, he warns that other assassins from The Organization will come for her soon.