Chapter 59
Chapter 59
Title I Finally Get It! ~<3
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Cover Kuramoto
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The chapter opens to a younger Kuramoto naked on her bed and her father standing behind her, chastising her on why she had seduced him. Beyond belief and sick to her stomach, Kuramoto eventually rises from the bed and claims that he is not her father - telling him to kill himself. Surprisingly, he agrees, and Kuramoto watches in horror as her own father snaps his own neck and falls dead to the floor.

Following the flashback, but still prior to the current events of the previous chapter, Kuramoto is awakened by a worried and frantic Kurokawa. Kuramoto scolds Kurokawa lightly to not call her Queen until her plan to rule Japan has come to fruition, and to continue gathering more "army ant" soldiers to help fool Alice. Kurokawa acknowledges the commands, but also mentions that Suzume Bachi has come to the school.

Shortly afterwards, Suzume Bachi and Kuramoto meet in the principal's office, with Kuramoto using the brainwashed principal as a chair. Suzume Bachi commends Kuramoto on how smooth her "Queen's Rule" is progressing, but she re-directs him back to her question: "What exactly is the Arachnid Hunt?" Curious, she wonders out-loud why a powerful Organization insect like Suzume Bachi would play around with Alice in this manner instead of just executing her. All that he gives her is that "it's the boss' orders".

Unsatisfied, but dismissive, Kuramoto acknowledges the Arachnid Hunt and allows it to proceed. However, she warns Suzume Bachi that should the Arachnid Hunt disrupt her "Queen's Rule" plan, she would terminate both the Hunt and Alice. Suzume Bachi brushes it off and leaves, claiming that the boss had predicted such a scenario and is unworried about the outcome.

Although eager to finish Alice off first, to protect her plan's progress, Kuramoto's curiosity gets the better of her and learns more about Alice's upbringing and hardships. Finding a kindred spirit in Alice, Kuramoto excitedly arranges a meeting between her and Alice, as seen in previous chapters. However, rather than the kind and positive demeanor that she gave beforehand, Kuramoto secretly was disbelieving and enraged that Alice was actually 'happy' - that Alice held no ill will against those that had bullied her and that "it was no big deal".

Unable to accept Alice's happiness and words, Kuramoto monologues through the past chapters in a flashback. She used her "Queen's Rule" pheromones to accelerate the Arachnid Hunt to sadistically force Alice into humiliation and defeat. Then, she flashes back to when she gathered a large number of the delinquents and used her body and pheromones to create more "army ants". During the orgy, she remarked that she now understood why the boss and Suzume Bachi are so interested in Alice - implying that the interest is to beat Alice's hardy, naive attitude out of her.

The chapter finally gets back to the current events, where Kuramoto has Alice alive and bandaged, but lying naked on a bed inside the gymnasium. Surrounding her are Kuramoto's "army ant" soldiers, all leering at her, and Kuramoto exclaiming that the Arachnid Hunt has finally come to an end. Kuramoto starts to take off her clothes and exclaims gleefully: "Well then! Let's fuck, Fujii Alice!"


Trivia Edit

  • In this chapter, Kuromoto's first name is revealed as "Ai" by her father - making her full name "Kuramoto Ai".