Chapter 58
Chapter 58
Title I Just Bloody Hate This Girl!
Chapter Information
Cover Fuji Alice
Volume Number 12
Pages 28
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After killing Sasori, Alice is knocked out by the brainwashed students. However, Kuramoto prevents them from violating her right then. Although the Army Ants' role in the Arachnid Hunt is to cause a pandemic of zombified people all over Japan, Kuramoto hates Alice so much she wants to personally turn the spider girl into her slave and put her through terrible torture.

Meanwhile, Suzumebachi and Kirigirisu are talking about the planned nation-wide orgy and how Alice refused to leave the school. Suzumebachi says he won't defy the boss, and will just watch how things will unfold. He takes out a locket and contemplates the family picture on it, which features a baby Alice and her mother.