Chapter 53
Chapter 53
Title I am a Murderer!
Chapter Information
Cover Fuji Alice, Oki Megumi
Volume Number 11
Release Date May 2014
Pages 40
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Oki has rescued Alice from Sara's group, but finds it strange that the ants didn't give chase. She takes Alice to rest inside a locked up room where Yoriko is hiding and teams up with Geji to find Kuramoto and figure out a way to escape from the school.

Alice reunites with Yoriko and confesses she lied about never having killed before and so doesn't deserve her friendship. However, Yoriko tells her it's normal for her to have killed in self-defense and that she hasn't been entirely honest with her either.

Alice is overjoyed to see Yoriko cares about her, but then a huge scorpion comes out of nowhere and seemingly kills Yoriko. As Alice is left in the verge of a breakdown, Sasori reveals herself, musing on how tragic things have turned out.