Chapter 52
Chapter 52
Title Survive!
Chapter Information
Cover Kabutomushi
Volume Number 11
Release Date March 2014
Pages 42
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Sara has seemingly cornered Alice and Kabutomushi with her army of brainwashed students backed up by a pair of muscular Media ant warriors, but Kabutomushi still shoves all of them around effortlessly with her spear. It is then that Sara reveals it was all part of her master plan and blows up the floor under Kabuto, making her fall all the way down into the basement where countless drones are waiting.

Alice works up the courage to face Sara's group despite being badly hurt, but Hibiki suddenly comes to help by kicking the remaining Media into the pit. Then Oki is who dropkicks the cricket away before retreating from the corridor with her friend.



  • The series went on a month-long break at the time of this chapter.