Chapter 47
Chapter 47
Title I Understand
Chapter Information
Cover Fuji Alice
Volume Number 10
Pages 40
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Dinoponera reflects on her childhood riled with the heat of combat and the moment she awakened her cognitive ability to "stop time" seeing it as a gift from her harsh training. Furious that Alice has obtained a similar ability with her normal life, Dinoponera stabs Alice's hands and limbs, causing her to scream and wet herself in tremendous pain. Alice loses the will to fight, calling her her mother and Dinoponera tops Alice and pounds her face several times, laughing maniacally. Alice begins to pass out thinking about a blank piece of paper her mother gave her before she died.

When Dinoponera stops beating Alice, Kabutomushi gets to her feet and challenges Dinoponera again. Dinoponera is happy to beat her up again but both girls are startled when Alice is no longer on the ground. Alice is shown standing, her back to the two insects and Dinoponera questions how Alice could even stand. Alice begins to explain that her body had been feeling extremely heavy for some time. She opens a tiny notebook and pulls out a ticket to an amusement park that her mother had given her.