Chapter 44
Chaper 44
Title Leave My Friend Out of It
Chapter Information
Cover Paraponera
Volume Number 9
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14 years prior to the Arachnid Hunt, an infamous mercenary called Paraponera found a war orphan in a ruined burmese village and decided to take her as his daughter. Through harsh training, he soon turned her about as deranged as himself. However, even if she was taught to loathe normal people the little false-tocandira still craved friends of her own age to play with.

From learning japanese with her father and watching the "Sailor-Force" anime, she thought Japan was really a land of magical girls and hoped to make friends there someday. While that turned out not to be the case, she has now encounted a tough spider girl who might just fit what she's looking for.

A worried Alice reviews the current situation and concludes having Dinoponera's arm caught in string already gives her a good advantage, but suddenly gets hit from behind by the ant and loses control over the strings. Dinoponera readies her blades and tells Alice to fight her seriously.

Oki begins to provide backup by swinging a chair at Dinopo, but before the fighting can continue, Yoriko shouts at the uneven bowlcut ant from outside the room and tells her to leave Alice out of her sick wank-fest. Annoyed, Dinoponera warps behind Yoriko and declares she's going to kill her.

Alice panics and gets back to her violent state of mind. Activating her super reflexes, she leaps to beat the crap out of Dinoponera, but is unexpectedly met with a gentle smile.

The spider girl ends up landing on top of Dinoponera, who is glad the fight is turning out well. Alice is shocked that Dinoponera stared back at her in the "frozen world" and asks if she has the same "CEC" superpower as her. Dinoponera replies she doesn't and has instead learned to enhance her concentration through a method she calls "Concentration Driving Force". Dinopo then pushes Alice off herself and dares her to see which ability is the best.

Elsewhere, Geji is attempting to steal some clothes and go back home... but for some reason there's a damn orgy going on in every classroom she looks?