Chapter 41
Chapter 41
Title That Won't Work On Me
Chapter Information
Cover Hibiki
Volume Number 9
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Back to the confrontation between Hibiki and Dinoponera, the Rider boasts he doesn't need weapons to take on somebody as lowly as her. Kabutomushi warns him not to get stabbed. He gets stabbed. Several times.

Believing her enemy is done for, Dinoponera asks again where Alice is, but to her shock Hibiki grits his teeth and stands before her despite the venom being as potent as a thousand ants. Hibiki states all that is meaningless in the face of his heroic love and prepares a barrage of kicks.

Dinoponera starts to enjoy the fight, but as soon as a kick actually hits her she stops fooling around and demoralizes Hibiki by avoiding all damage from his True Rider Kick.

After attempting to stab Hibiki from behind, Dinoponera disdainfully tells him to spill the beans already and die. On top of that, Riokku arrives on the scene angry at having been defeated by Hibiki and demanding a rematch.