Chapter 39
Chapter 39
Title "The Strongest" Is Not "The Worst"
Chapter Information
Cover Fuji Alice
Volume Number 8
Pages 44
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While taking a beating from Dinoponera, Kabutomushi recalls how important her promise to keep Alice safe is and musters the strength to stand up and attempt to smash Dinopo into the ground. However, the ant girl still manages to survive that and a following attack unscatched, smugly telling the beetle she can't beat her while encumbered by her own weapon and armor. She asks Kabutomushi to get serious already and show what her ultimate move is.

Kabutomushi then fires off her Kabuto Slide, covering every inch of the narrow corridor with her spear swings... only for Dinoponera to dash past the brief gaps anyway and attempt to stab Kabuto through her heart. Althought the blade isn't able to pierce through Kabuto's internal armor, it is laced with intensely painful Bullet Ant venom and the poor beetle is left defenseless from the pain.

Kabutomushi resigns herself to the fate of being stabbed until she dies, but luckily Hibiki leaps from behind her with a Rider Kick Dinoponera narrowly blocks. He affirms he'll uphold order in the Arachnid Hunt and crush whoever opposes him.