Chapter 38
Chapter 38
Title There's a Way Out
Chapter Information
Cover Kirigirisu
Volume Number 8
Pages 46
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Kirigirisu greets Alice, Oki and Kuramoto with a song on his violin, saying there's an easy way to end the Arachnid Hunt: the rules say Alice must be killed within the school, so if Alice is able to escape the assassins wouldn't be allowed to give chase.

Oki reasons that if that's true she should take Alice outside, go back alone and retrieve Yoriko, but Alice argues that if she doesn't personally save Yoriko as soon as possible she'd be betraying their friendship. Understanding he can't convince the girls to leave, Kirigirisu tries to take them out by force to fulfill his client's order.

Oki tries to fight him but is seemingly overwhelmed by his speed. Kirigirisu then holds her from behind with a wristblade held against her face, but realizes he spent over five seconds in the same room as Alice and is now completely restrained by her threads.

Alice asks Kirigirisu who is this client that wants her to live. He answers the client is Alice's own father, who the girl thinks has been dead even before she was born. Kirigirisu also helpfully reveals to her the identity of her father, although this isn't shared with the reader.

Elsewhere, Dinoponera is perched on Kabutomushi's spear telling the beetle what her idea of friendship is. Kabuto responds by trying to violently slam her into the ceiling, but Dinoponera avoids that. She says Kabutomushi's namesake bug, which is strong but non-lethal, wouldn't be successful outside of Japan. Dino bounces off the walls at an alarming speed and gives Kabutomushi the ol' razzle dazzle before pinning her against the floor and pummeling her.

Under the sound of Dinoponera's non-stop laughter, Yoriko wonders how the so-called strongest Kabutomushi could be doing so badly. The beetle girl flashes back to when Kumo hired her to protect Alice. He could tell that Kabutomushi was going to just run off with the money, but states his reason for hiring her is a belief that only her strength is up to the task. A gesture that actually touched her cold steel-plated heart.