Chapter 37
Chapter 37
Title There's No Way I Can Make Friends
Chapter Information
Cover Dinoponera
Volume Number 8
Pages 40
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Having decided that Imomushi isn't worth befriending, Dinoponera attempts to kill her. However, Imomushi catches Dinoponera's blade with her teeth and headbutts her off... only for Suzume Bachi to stab Imomushi's back, making her fall unconscious. He tells Dinoponera that Alice might be a more worthy friend for her. While she happily leaves, Bachi looks worried about something.

On the Conference Room, a worried Alice apologizes to Oki about all the chaos going on due to her being targetted by the Organization. Kirigirisu then pops out on the other side of the room. He claims that there is a way for Alice to put an end to the Arachnid Hunt without more conflict.

Meanwhile, Kabutomushi and Yoriko are found by a teacher who is obviously shocked by the ruined classroom and how badly hurt Kabutomushi is. Before Kabutomushi can knock him out, Dinoponera greets her by stabbing the man to death in nonchallant disdain. A dissonantly polite conversation ensues as Kabutomushi says she won't let Dinoponera kill Alice, and the sailor-dressed girl simply accepts her challenge.


Trivia Edit

Chapter 95 of Caterpillar retells the events of this chapter until the point Dinoponera leaves the room Suzumebachi was in. We then learn Hanakamakiri was there all along, as she sneaks behind Bachi right after.