Chapter 36
Chapter 36
Title I'm Looking for a "Friend"
Chapter Information
Cover Kurokawa Sara
Volume Number 8
Pages 22
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While Sara is amassing an army of seemingly mindless students, Dinoponera has been ordered by Suzume Bachi to fight Imomushi. She is the adopted daughter of Paraponera, a mercenary who Imomushi fought and killed a year before. When Imomushi wonders if Dinoponera wants revenge, the girl asks for her friendship instead.

Imomushi points a gun at Dinoponera, who immediately breaks it with a needle from her gauntlet and then completely overpowers Imomushi with a kneedrop and a barrage of punches to her face while laughing madly. When Dinoponera's done, she states that the kind of person she is looking to befriend is someone as strong as her, someone who she could symphatize with. 


Trivia Edit

Chapter 94 of Caterpillar is for the most part a redraw of this one, finally turning the spinoff from a prequel to a sidestory.