Chapter 35
Chapter 35
Title Don't Say "Strongest"
Chapter Information
Cover Kabutomushi
Volume Number 7
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Kabutomushi has survived Abu's lethal attack because her heart "just happened" to be armored. Abu tries to kill her with a sequence of fast slashes, only to be blocked by her also armored arms. Kabutomushi then strikes the ground with a punch strong enough to crumble the entire floor, while taking out her Kabuto Horn in the confusion.

As Kabutomushi muses that people don't think of her as the strongest because she prepares beforehand to exploit her enemies' weaknesses, Abu argues that they're now merely on an equal standing. He immediately gets shoved out of the building.

Meanwhile, Imomushi has found Suzume Bachi and is asking him about her sister's death. He refuses to answer and orders "Dinoponera" to take her down. Just then, an ant-girl in a sailor dress pops out behind Imomushi, thanking the assassin for "taking care" of her father.