Chapter 28
Chapter 28
Title I Can't Just Let Her Die
Chapter Information
Cover Oki Megumi
Volume Number 6
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A mind-controlled Oki has been asked by "Alice"-Anabachi to torture Yoriko with a electrical rod until her brain breaks. Luckily, Kabutomushi kicks the room's door open. Kabutomushi reveals that she is Oki's teacher and has taught her to do things such as using her "Oilpiration" ability to leave a trail whose scent she could follow to get Oki out of trouble.

Kabutomushi states she needs Oki and Yoriko to find Alice. Anabachi refuses to let this "auntie" get them and sends Oki to fight her. Oki is confident that she can defeat an unarmed Kabutomushi, only to get slapped away when Kabutomushi pulls her "Kabuto Horn" spear from out of her back.

Jigabachi and Anabachi fill the room with nerve gas to mess with her reflexes and consciousness, but despite that Kabutomushi's still able to shove Anabachi into the floor and send Jigabachi out of the building with amazingly fast and powerful spear swipes all around her.

Kabutomushi asks Yoriko about Alice, finally clarifying that she intends to help them. Meanwhile, Sasori decides that it's time to go kill Alice.