Chapter 27
Chapter 27
Title It's Totally A Game This Way
Chapter Information
Cover Fuji Alice
Volume Number 6
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After getting back on his feet, Hibiki plans to kill an still unconscious Riokku. Kirigirisu appears behind Hibiki and keeps him from doing this, warning that Riokku could still unexpectedly react to any attacks. He wonders about why the Arachnid Hunt has been set up as a game with such rules for the assassins to kill each other before targetting Alice. Hibiki says that he'll find Alice to ask her about it and that he will kill anyone who opposes him.

Meanwhile in Science Room 3, Yoriko wakes up tied to a chair, on her underwear, and before her is a menacing brainwashed Oki who is wearing a leather dominatrix costume! Her captors, Jigabachi and Anabachi, present Yoriko a question: how much electrical torture it takes to damage a person's brain?