Chapter 26
Chapter 26
Title The One Who Will Become A Slave Is You, Onee-chan!
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Cover Kurokawa Sara
Volume Number 6
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A number of danguerous insect-themed assassins are inside a school, fighting amongst themselves for the goal of killing a schoolgirl named Fuji Alice. That is something that's happening.

In the midst of this, Oki is carrying Yoriko around the corridors, trying to avoid Kabutomushi and find Alice so they can flee from the school. Anabachi appears before Oki and challenges her. Oki thinks little of him, but is defeated because the place is filled with nerve gas that makes her unable to follow his movements.

Meanwhile, Yoriko is trying to call Alice with her phone. When she succeeds, Oki suddenly crushes it and knocks her out. A device installed on the back of her neck by Anabachi is enabling him to control her consciousness, making her perceive him as if he was Alice to follow his orders.