Chapter 25
Chapter 25
Title It's Progressing Just as Planned
Chapter Information
Cover Kurokawa Sara
Volume Number 5
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The Organization is a powerful crime syndicate that hires psychos as insect-themed assassins to murder people. Currently, a certain Alice Fujii wonders how Sara Kurokawa, the young student council president of her school, could possibly be the crime boss behind all that.

Alice tries to find what Sara's motives are and bargain for a way to get Yoriko and Oki off the hook, even if she has to join the Organization as a result. Sara, however, declares she's only going to let Alice in if she has an orgy with her delinquent servants.

Alice turns from unnerved to furious with disgust when they let on that they already had their way with Kuramoto, but then the vice-president decides to sacrifice herself for Alice's sake, saying Alice has been through such misfortune that herself being humiliated by Sara is no big deal by comparison. While the delinquents are making their way towards Kuramoto, Alice receives an urgent call from Yoriko that is suddenly cut off as she asks for help.

With no time to waste, Alice kicks some people off Kuramoto and swings her way towards Sara... only to suddenly lose control of her threads. She crashes over a table and looks up to see Suzumebachi has entered the room. As she's outnumbered and doesn't understand how Suzumebachi could've caused her threads to malfunction, Alice chooses to flee the scene with Kuramoto.

Sara tells Suzumebachi she didn't need him to interfere and asks why he seems oddly concerned about Alice. While he remains silent, Sara claims that either way the Arachnid Hunt is progressing just as she planned.