Chapter 24 (Caterpillar)
Chapter 24 (Caterpillar)
Title Chapter 24
Chapter Information
Cover Hanakamakiri
Volume Number 3
Pages 22
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Unable to find anything about Ageha's location and unaware of the camera bugs spread around the ship, Hanakamakiri heads back to her and Imomushi's room. Zomushi, a man in a trench coat, waits for her there. He's unconcerned about her threats and repeatedly asks where Imomushi is, so Hanakamakiri goes on the offensive.

Trouble is, she stabs him to no effect and upon shreding his clothes finds he's wearing a full suit of jet-black armor. With a vicious grin on his exposed face, Zomushi declares no physical attacks can bring him down and chokes Hanakamakiri with a neck lift.

Elsewhere, Riokku is also lifting some guy by the collar, asking about Ageha's whereabouts. Suddenly a woman in a suit shows up and remarks how dumb he is to just be interrogating everyone he meets. Riokku winds up a punch, but then notices she's already on the other side of the room. This new opponent, Nanafushi, then claims nobody can see nor defeat her.


Trivia Edit

  • This was the last chapter drawn by Isuka Hakozaki before his passing in April 2013. The series went on a nearly year long hiatus until Hayami Tokisada was hired to replace him.