Chapter 24
Chapter 24
Title I am the True Kahen Rider!
Chapter Information
Cover Kabutomushi
Volume Number 5
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An assassin named Kabutomushi has come up to Oki and Yoriko asking about Alice's whereabouts. Oki and Kabuto seem acquaintaned, but Oki doesn't trust her and knows not to fight her head-on. Oki picks up Yoriko and leaps off the staircase they're on while Kabutomushi looks on, vaguely disappointed. Oki plans to run to the school pool, meet back with Alice and escape from the school, but an unknown person suddenly stands on her way.

Elsewhere, Hibiki is having an hard time battling his rival Riokku but he still stands back on his feet and demands another round, claiming to have the qualities Riokku lacks as a "Kahen Rider". Hibiki takes flight with another Rider Kick, surprising Riokku by aiming towards his counter punch. Hibiki propels himself towards a wall and from there to the ceiling before finally stomping on Riokku's face. When Riokku attempts to brush this "Triangle Rider Kick" off, Hibiki lands on him again and begins a furious barrage of stomps while repeatedly shouting the word "love".

Riokku grabs Hibiki by the leg and throws him into a wall, but then passes out for real. Hibiki celebrates having proven himself the better fighter, only to fall unconscious as well. Above them, in an opening in the ceiling, another stranger is surprised to see Riokku beaten and wonders what other kinds of thrills the Arachnid Hunt will bring next.