Chapter 23 (Caterpillar)
Chapter 23 (Caterpillar)
Title Completely in Love
Chapter Information
Cover Imomushi
Volume Number 3
Pages 22
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After putting Imomushi to sleep with her blue toxin, Sasori carries the caterpillar lady over to her suite and begins to undress her. Captivated by how perfectly curvaceous and well-toned Imomushi is in spite of all her imaginary bruises and scars, she starts to prepare her scalpels to dissect Imomushi and record her dying screams.

However, to Sasori's dismay Imomushi is already awake and nonchallantly leaving the room with the envelope Sasori was protecting. Sasori is bewildered by this and demands to know what happened, but all Imomushi has to say is that caterpillars are immune to poison. She declares she won't kill anyone who's not her target, so she instead punches Sasori into a bookcase which then falls over her.

Imomushi is worried because she noticed Sasori hit her with something as she punched her, but then realizes a hour has passed since she last saw Hanakamakiri and picks up her clothes in a hurry before leaving the room.

The next second, Sasori somehow tears the shelf in half and stands back up unharmed. Amazed at Imomushi's strength and her inexplicable immunity to chemicals, she declares to have fallen for Imomushi and is all the more eager to murder her the next time they meet.