Chapter 11
Chapter 11
Title Turning Out Quite Well
Chapter Information
Cover Tajima Yoriko
Oki Megumi
Fuji Alice
Volume Number 3
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Fuji Alice has taken Oki Megumi to live with her and Tajima Yoriko under constant surveillance so Oki can help with stopping The Organization from targetting them. Oki is happy to oblige and later discusses with Alice her feelings about being a part of The Organization - a person with no real name or family.

Later that night, Alice wakes up from a dream in which Oki somehow secreted a lot of oil from her body to bypass Alice's thread detection and kill Yori. Realizing Oki really had escaped, she turns the lights on to find the roach's hands full with her panties instead. Alice ties Oki up and drags her back to sleep, thinking to herself that at least Oki's not an enemy and things are going well.