Chapter 10
Title I Believe That There is No Other Way Than That
Chapter Information
Cover Fuji Alice
Volume Number 2
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Alice slowly decides to accept Oki's demands, until she suddenly receives a call from Tajima. Apparently, she was never kidnapped, she just went outside for a smoke, and Oki left a ransom note on Alice's desk anyway. The Cockroach laughs, saying she never expected her plan to actually work this well, but Alice quickly turns on her and kicks her into a seat, then fires a bullet just inches away from her face, offering to spare her life for now.

That night, as Alice tells Tajima about what happened at her home, Oki pops up in the same room, giving herself to Alice as her slave in return for sparing her own life.

Elsewhere, the Scorpion talks to Bachi over the phone, wondering if there really is a "boss" of The Organization or if he's just pretending like there is one to do whatever he wants with the group. Bachi responds that there really is a boss, and that person is someone within the school.