Chapter 1
Chapter 1
Title No Choice But To Kill
Chapter Information
Cover Fuji Alice
Volume Number 1
Pages 55
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A man tells an mysterious assassin his next target is Fuji Yoshio, and orders for him and his neice to be dealt with.

Fuji Alice is suffering from bullies at school and is about to be raped by her uncle Yoshio when he is suddenly strung up by his neck by a mysterious assassin. He then tries to kill Alice to leave no witnesses, but Alice dodges a fatal blow and responds by biting off a piece of him before falling unconscious. She later wakes up in the man's care.

He claims to be an assassin codenamed "Arachnid", and works as muscle for an enigmatic Organization that Alice's uncle owed money to. When he couldn't pay, Arachnid took his life. Alice says she wants to go back to what little she has left, but Arachnid stops her, saying she has a similar condition to him called "Congenital Excessive Concentration," the ability to sense everything around him at the expense of immediate, short-term thinking. Arachnid wishes to use her, so he brings her to his contact within The Organization, Suzume Bachi. But Bachi orders him to kill her.